A P2P-based Distributed Cooperative Fault-Tolerance Storage Mechanism

Q. Wei and Q. Du (PRC)


Distributed Storage; Cooperative; File-Sharing; FaultTolerance; P2P


RAID is a popular mechanism to offer fault-tolerance storage. But RAID can't work well when two more disks fail and the distance it can reach is very limited. This paper presents a novel distributed cooperative fault tolerance storage mechanism: DCFS. DCFS consolidates disk space of individual node into a single storage spool and constructs a distributed storage system with function of file-sharing and fault-tolerance using highly scalable P2P architecture. In DCFS, file is stored in form of original fragments and verification fragments among the nodes of the network. File is available even when a part of nodes fail. The experiments show that DCFS can offer high fault-tolerance and advanced performance storage service.

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