An Information Filtering System that Optimizes the Processing Method based on Mathematical Properties

T. Kodera, R. Sawai, T. Terada, M. Tsukamoto, and S. Nishio (Japan)


information filtering, filtering function, ECA rule, optimization


In recent years, due to the increasing popularization of various data broadcast services, the amount and the vari ety of broadcast data have been increasing. As a result, there is a strong demand for filtering techniques that au tomatically extract only the necessary data. The optimum filtering processing method changes according to such en vironmental factors as computational capability, number of receivers, and network load. However, to change the pro cessing method according to the environment, filtering re sults must be consistent among multiple processing meth ods. In this paper, we describe the implementation of an information filtering system that optimizes the processing method based on mathematical properties. This system au tomatically changes the processing method to the optimum method according to the environment.

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