Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies for Online Education: The Results of a 4-Year National Science Foundation Project

V. Uskov (USA)


Web-based education, Information Technology, streaming multimedia.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Course, Curriculum and Lab Improvement (CCLI) grant # 0196015 project (2001-2004) has two main goals: 1) expanding the impact of Information Technology (IT) education on various groups of learners by active use of innovative Web-based teaching and learning technologies, and 2) accelerating the rate of graduation of IT students through the active use of innovative online educational materials (OEM) based on streaming multimedia technology. This paper briefly describes the results of NSF CCLI project at Bradley University (Peoria, IL, USA) on research, design, development, active implementation and utilization of innovative Web-based teaching and learning technologies in advanced IT undergraduate online education.

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