3D Video Conference Toolkit Adaptable to Various Presentation Environments

N. Osawa, T. Yamagishi, K. Asai, and Y. Miida (Japan)


3D video, personal 3D conference, DirectShow, passive stereo, autostereoscopic display, distance education


We developed a 3D video conference toolkit that includes software modules for stereo viewing. Combinations of these modules support various configurations of 3D environments. This toolkit, combined with the IPv6/IPv4 unicast/multicast communication toolkit that we developed previously, makes it easy for users to conduct 3D video conferences. The toolkit enabled us to experiment with many configurations easily and helped us develop a suitable prototype system. We then developed a personal 3D video conferencing prototype system using self-made stereo cameras and 3D LCD personal computers. This showed that our toolkit is useful for prototype development and experiments on 3D video conferencing systems.

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