Enhancing Intrusion Detection in Wireless Networks using Radio Frequency Fingerprinting

J. Hall, M. Barbeau, and E. Kranakis (Canada)


Intrusion Detection, Media Access Control, Radio Frequency Fingerprinting, Wireless Networks, Network Security, Bayesian Filter.


Media access control (MAC) address spoofing can result in the unauthorized use of network resources. This paper demonstrates a novel approach, which incorporates radio frequency fingerprinting (RFF) into a wireless intrusion de tection system (IDS), for detecting this attack. RFF is a technique that is used to uniquely identify a transceiver based on the transient portion of the signal it generates. Moreover, the success rate of a wireless IDS is also im proved by correlating several observations in time, using a Bayesian filter. Simulation results, with an average suc cess rate of (94-100%), support the feasibility of employ ing RFF and Bayesian filtering techniques to successfully address the aforementioned problem.

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