SMS-based Authentication System in WLAN and VPN Networks

M. Väisänen, J. Ylinen, and P. Loula (Finland)


Authenticate, Text messages, RADIUS, HotSpot,Security, Intranet


The development of network security has become an essential part in the developing and the planning of the networks. Properties of mobile networks can be used to improve security of WLAN networks. Because wireless communication has become more popular, there have to be systems, which guarantee security of WLAN networks. With the aid of the SMS-based authentication system the user of the network could be easily identified during logging and the system will ease the actions, which are required from the service provider in user authentication. The starting points of the planning were authentication in wireless local area networks and in virtual private networks and using the GSM services to transmit user names and passwords. Very important feature was VPN authentication. With the aid of the authentication system it was possible to use SMS messages for delivering identifiers and authenticating VPN users. HotSpot networks were possible target WLAN environments.

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