Load Balancing for Reliable Multicast

C. Gong, O. Daescu, R. Jothi, B. Raghavachari, and K. Sarac (USA)


Load balancing, Reliable multicast, NAK suppression.


New applications emerge along with the rapid growth of the Internet. Many functionalities other than packet for warding are being proposed to be added into routers for supporting those new applications. Those functionalities significantly improve the performances of the applications, but they incur overheads on routers at the same time. It is a thorny problem to reach a balance between the appli cation performance and the functionality overhead. In this paper, we study that problem in the context of reliable mul ticast. We term it load-balanced agent activation problem (LBAAP). We regard the message implosion at multicast session source as the performance and the NAK message suppression agent at router as the functionality. We de velop a polynomial running time algorithm for the LBAAP problem in single multicast tree case. We conjecture the LBAAP problem in multiple multicast tree case is NP-Hard and propose a heuristic for it.

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