SSM-Ping: A Ping Utility for Source Specific Multicast

P. Namburi, K. Sarac, and K.C. Almeroth (USA)


Source specific multicast, reachability, multicast ping.


Management has become a key concern for the success of multicast deployment in the Internet. One of the most important management tasks for multicast is to verify the availability of the service to its users. This task is re ferred to as discovering or testing reachability. In this paper, we present a new mechanism, SSM-Ping, for dis covering multicast reachability between (remote) end sys tems in Source Specific Multicast (SSM) enabled networks. SSM-Ping uses the existing Protocol Independent Multi cast (PIM) based multicast join mechanism in the network and requires a simple extension to the Internet Group Man agement Protocol (IGMP). First, we motivate our work by discussing the need for an efficient and effective ping util ity for multicast. Then, we present the SSM-Ping oper ation and discuss a number of deployment and security is sues. Finally, we outline our inter-domain scale experimen tal evaluation approach for SSM-Ping.

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