Dynamic TDD Boundary Decision Algorithms for Wireless Communications Systems using TDD

S. Konishi, M. Ishizaki, S. Nanba, and S. Nomoto (Japan)


Wireless communications systems, TDD boundary, dy namic decision algorithm, packet loss, queuing delay


Time Division Duplex (TDD) has been attracting great deal of attention for its capability of flexible and efficient usage of frequency resources in transferring highly asymmetric and bursty data traffic. TDD has another ad vantage of frequency block allocations over Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) because TDD does not require a pair of frequency blocks, which is indispensable for FDD. Taking account of these advantages of TDD, a broadband Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system with multi-hop mesh network architecture that we are developing also adopts TDD with a variable TDD boundary mechanism. In this paper, three algorithms determining TDD bound ary are proposed and evaluated through a simulation study. The study reveals that one of the algorithms gives excellent performances regardless the traffic characteris tics and our proposed algorithms shorten the queuing de lay from half to one-tenth compared to the fixed TDD boundary scheme.

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