Accurate Closed-Form Approximations to the Distributions and Densities of Ricean Sum Random Variables

J. Hu and N.C. Beaulieu (Canada)


Ricean channel, sum distributions and densities, approxi mation methods, diversity systems, wireless communica tions.


The statistical distribution of a sum of Ricean random variables is often necessary when modeling and analyzing the performance of wireless communication systems. A closed-form expression does not exist for the sum distribu tion and, in addition, the characteristic function of a Ricean random variable does not have a closed-form. As a result, it is somewhat difficult to numerically calculate the sum dis tribution. Highly accurate, closed-form approximations to the distributions and densities of Ricean sum random vari ables are presented in this paper. These approximations are valid for a wide range of probability values, Rice factors, and number of summands.

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