Strategies for Creating a Service Distribution Backbone in Ad Hoc Networks

J. Costa-Requena (Finland), J. Nuevo (Canada), R. Kantola (Finland), and J.-C. Grégoire (Canada)


Ad Hoc networks, Service backbone, Service distribution, Service discovery, Routing.


Ad Hoc networking is an emerging technology that is gaining relevance as new communications paradigm. It is still an area under development where there are multiple open items such as routing, addressing, interoperability and service distribution among others. In this paper, we propose two different architectures for the problem of service discovery in ad hoc networks. The first proposal is based on a hierarchical structure and uses an efficient on-demand clustering procedure located over the network layer, which allows independence from specific routing protocols. The second proposal is based on a fully distributed service infrastructure. The nodes decide themselves to contribute to the service infrastructure based on the available resources. Only an access restriction algorithm applies for limiting to an optimal the number of nodes participating in the service infrastructure.

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