Presenting JECA: A Java Error Correcting Algorithm for the Java Intelligent Tutoring System

E.R. Sykes and F. Franek (Canada)


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computational Intelligence, Web Technologies, eLearning.


Error recovery in compiler design and construction is a well-known area of Computer Science. Traditionally, the compiler's responsibility has been to identify all possible errors in one pass of the source code in as short a period of real time as possible. However, in certain situations, it is more desirable to have the compiler act `intelligently' by making `intelligent' code changes and by offering suggestions to the author of the source program. This research paper examines error recovery in a specific context involving small Java programs. Furthermore, this paper presents JECA (Java Error Correction Algorithm), a practical algorithm for a compiler that error corrects by intelligently changing code and identifies errors more clearly than other current-day compilers. The ultimate goal of this research is to provide a foundation for the Java Intelligent Tutoring System (JITS) currently being field-tested.

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