Multi-INT Applications for Graph Pattern Matching

S.E. Marcus and B. Thomason (USA)


Graph Matching, Social Network Analysis, Threat Detection


Military commanders need up-to-the-minute intelligence about enemy threats, which makes the development of expanded and improved Multi-INTelligence (Multi-INT) capabilities a prerequisite for their success. As such, the Multi-INT community is actively developing new technologies to facilitate the identification and targeting of new and emerging threats. These threats can be manifested in network-centric forms of organization, strategies, doctrines, and technologies attuned to the information age. An example of an enemy threat is a terrorist activity and is likely to consist of dispersed organizations, small groups, and individuals who communicate, coordinate, and conduct their campaigns in a network-like manner, often without a precise central command. These threats are more likely to be caused by Al Quaeda or Hamas than the PLO who have known leaders and infrastructures. This paper explores concepts of fusing multiple types of intelligence information such as images, text, and structured data for graph pattern matching and social networks. As an example, we describe how social networks could have been used for the hunt for Sadaam Hussein.

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