Design of a Collaborative System

M. Wang and G.C. Fox (USA)


Collaborative System, Open Office, Shared Event.


In this paper we introduce the design of a new collaborative system in distance education, e-Learning and online conferencing collaborative Impress applications. Impress is a presentation application in Open Office/Star Office; it has similar functionality as Microsoft PowerPoint. Making Impress collaborative across computers is useful in e-Learning, web conference and distance education. We have developed collaborative Impress applications which make use of the functions of Impress, and collaborate between the Master and Participating clients so that they share the same presentation slide display. We use a common message broker, Narada Message Broker, as the underlying messaging environment to communicate messages between the clients in a session. We realize the shared event idea in the collaboration. It uses event messages in the controlling of a presentation process. Compared to shared display, the short text messages save great bandwidth over the Internet. This realization is fast and efficient. Shared event model should be a great paradigm in collaboration.

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