Knowledge Intranet: A Socio-Cultural Perspective on Knowledge Sharing and ICT Use

U.L. Snis and L. Svensson (Sweden)


Intranet Use, Knowledge Management, Collaborative Systems, Knowledge Sharing, Socio-Cultural Theory


This paper reports from a case study, in which to analyse the Intranet usage for knowledge sharing. We have applied socio-cultural theories in order to understand what role a Knowledge Intranet play in an actual work practice, performed by knowledge workers in a consultancy firm, Empir. The results from the study clearly demonstrate that efficient knowledge sharing within and between organisational units can be accomplished with an intranet application, which is designed for information and communication. In particular, the findings indicate that knowledge sharing should be understood as an effect of coordination, documentation and trouble shooting in daily work practice, rather than an activity in its own right.

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