MEDUSA-Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Sharing of Topic-Map based Knowledge

B. Brügge, P. Renner, M. Strassberger, and M. Adamski (Germany)


Technologies and Tools for Collaboration, Knowledge sharing, Topic Maps, Privacy, Collaborative Decision making, PeertoPeer


In this paper we introduce a framework for the secure shar ing of digital information in a natural and flexible way, fol lowing well established work processes. Topic maps are used as a generic data model to organize and exchange do main knowledge. The framework packages information in a way so that it can be delivered securely, for communi cation and data exchange it implements a peer-to-peer ap proach. Scenarios in the area of public health care were an alyzed to evaluate the benefit of the framework. A proto type application based on the proposed framework was de veloped that handles semantically enriched and restricted medical information of patients and manages fine grained access for physicians.

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