Supporting the Search for Co-operation Partners in Product Development, Design and Planning

O. Görlitz and R. Neubert (Germany)


Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Management, Technologies and Tools for Collaboration.


A crucial step in the formation of temporary, project-driven co-operations is to find the most suitable partners for every task. In case of development, design and planning tasks this is especially difficult, because the required competence and capability is hard to qualify and to measure. We propose a model to capture required competence for this kind of tasks and to formulate queries to identify suitable co-operation partners. Conversely, the same model is used to create competence profiles, in order to present oneself as possi ble co-operation candidate. An IT-system is introduced for the management and retrieval of competence profiles and for query processing. Finally, we present the application of this system within the formation process of temporary, product-specific production networks.

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