Innovation Systems and Knowledge Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

J. Ljungberg (Sweden)


Knowledge, knowledge management, innovation, innovation systems


Innovation systems and knowledge management are both broad approaches aimed at the understanding and development of competitiveness in terms of innovation and knowledge creation. Both approaches are patchy constellations of ideas, many emanating from the same roots, rather than contingent theories or approaches. However, they have both in recent years attracted much attention and developed into two streams of thinking. In many ways these two perspectives - the innovation systems approach and knowledge management - are compatible with each other, while in others they are contradictory. Indeed, they have considerable potential to enrich and illuminate each other. Combined they may constitute a new framework to understand, analyze and enable competitiveness. Such a framework can be applied to any level of an innovation or knowledge system, e.g. at national, industrial, regional or firm level.

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