Dynamic Ontologies in Information Retrieval

J. Puustjärvi (Finland)


Ontologies, metadata, information retrieval, and knowledge management


Finding information about a subject is a difficult task. The information retrieval system must somehow interpret the contents of the documents and rank them according to a degree of relevance to the user query. This kind of fuzzy query processing is based on the metadata descriptions attached to documents. Ontologies give the semantics for metadata items and standardize the used metadata items. If the used ontology changes, which is often the case, then processing fuzzy queries becomes still more complex. In this paper we present a solution to this problem. In particular, we present a mechanism that allows query processing though documents descriptions and user queries are not based on the same ontology. Its implementation is based on the web service architecture, and thus it can be easily integrated with the systems requiring information retrieval. We have also developed a new algorithm for processing fuzzy queries. The simulation studies showed that it is more effective than the other algorithms presented in the literature.

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