Empirical Modeling of IEEE 802.11b WLAN

M.U.R. Mufti and M.U. Ilyas (Pakistan)


WLAN, IEEE 802.11, DCF, Throughput, MPDU, MSDU


To manage WLANs, IT professionals need to understand the implications of deploying IEEE 802.11 based networks. Special consideration is imperative to analyze the consequences in terms of speed, range, mobility and security. In this study the empirical model of WLAN is provided to calculate the average throughput using 802.11 MAC. 802.11 MAC defines a set of rules for WLAN to gain access to the shared medium through two different access mechanisms: basic access mechanism called DCF and centrally controlled access mechanism, called PCF. This study includes the DCF access mechanism to analyze the performance of MAC, SNR, packet size and number of simultaneous users.

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