Performance Evaluation of Concurrency Control Algorithms in Secure Real-Time Database Systems

K.-W. Lam, W. Leung (PRC), S.-Y. Cho (Singapore), and P. Siu (PRC)


Real-time databases, security, concurrency control, transaction scheduling, performance evaluation


Many real-time database applications are deployed in safety-critical systems like military systems where enforcing security is crucial to the success of the organization. A secure real-time database system has to simultaneously satisfy two requirements - guarantee data security and minimize the number of missed transaction deadlines. Several studies [2,5,11] have investigated this non-trivial problem where tradeoffs need to be made between data security and timeliness because of the complexity involved. In this paper, we try to study the performance of three concurrency control algorithms in terms of missed deadlines and data security. We build a detailed simulation model of a firm-deadline real-time database system. Our experiments show that the optimistic approach exhibits the best overall performance and that the performance of high-security transactions is much worse than that of low-security transactions.

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