Implementation of Object-oriented Programming in Linear Motor Drive System

K. Yoshida and M.K. El-Nemr (Japan)


Object Oriented Implementation, Linear Motor Drives, Marine Express


This paper proposes an object-oriented framework to simulate electric machine systems dynamics. The proposed framework is utilized to develop a software package for linear machine drive system dynamics simulation. To achieve visual understanding of the obtained simulation results, three-dimensional graphical representation of the simulation results is introduced. Details of design, analysis and implementation of the developed framework and simulation package are provided. The designed framework has been used to simulate the amphibious marine express ME02 linear synchronous motor for different operating conditions and control schemes. The framework is developed using C++. While the graphical representation is implemented using the Open Graphics Library (OpenGL), the graphical user interface extends Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). The proposed framework is suitable for dynamic systems in general. The modeling of the linear electric machine is based on the unified theory of linear machine. Therefore, the design can be extended to cover a wide variety of linear machine drive systems. The graphical representation is used to represent the experimental and simulation results as well.

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