Paradigms for Alarm Correlation in the Wind Energy Domain

P.R.J. Campbell and K. Adamson (UK)


Modelling, Knowledge-Based Systems, artificial intelligence, Neural Networks, Decision Making, Power Systems.


Alarm Correlation has long played an important role in telecommunications systems, but the underlying principles of the process can be applied to multiple domains which deal with similar volumes of operational events and their corresponding alarms. Wind Energy is a domain which is rapidly expanding on a global scale, with parks now encompassing several hundred generating units, each containing many elements which have the potential to develop faults and subsequently generate alarms messages. As a result the techniques developed for telecommunications networks, which make use of knowledge-based and Artificial Intelligence methodologies have significant scope for application to this novel domain. This paper defines the concept and process of alarm correlation as a concept and in particular to its application to wind park. We also examine some of the available paradigms and recommend the most suitable approach in terms of extensibility and efficiency, for those approaches currently available for implementation.

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