Simulation and Optimization of Belt Conveyer System with Merging-Splitting Configuration

V.S. Siromiatnikov, M.G. Ortega Rosales, V.R. Villela González, J.M. García, and A. Martínez (Mexico


Simulation, optimization, design and analysis of experiments.


This paper has focused attention on the benefits of simulation that enable conveyor designers to optimize the use of existing conveyor system or designing new one. We show how simulation and statistical analysis are influenced in the design methodology of belt conveyor system with merging-splitting configuration. Aspects of experimental design in simulation and multiple response optimization of such systems are discussed. The report phase of this work is the determination of optimum speed of main conveyor line and capacities of induction lines for the criteria of minimum time in system, waiting time in loading points, lengths of queues, drive power of the main line. It is the aim of our research to make available the simulation and experimental results of it as a contribution toward the design and construction of conveyor systems of superior performance.

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