Simulation of an Inter-block Arc-welding Robot for Shipbuilding using a Weaving Motion Algorithm based on a Bezier Spline

W.-J. Chung, K.-J. Kim, T.-J. Song, D.-Y. Kim, J.-L. Kim, M.-H. Park, and K.-S. Shin (Korea)


Robot Simulation, Weaving Motion, Bezier Spline, Interblock Welding, Shipbuilding, Complicated Environment.


This paper presents the simulation of a new weaving trajectory algorithm for an inter-block welding robot in a shipbuilding area (a typical example of complicated welding environment) before the actual implementation of welding robot. A triangular weaving algorithm using a Bezier spline, which is good for welding accuracy and computational load, will be applied for the inter-block welding of thick metals in shipbuilding. The simulation of a new weaving trajectory algorithm has been performed based on VisualNastran 4D8 . The simulation can specify if the weaving motion of welding robot could be well performed under the restricted environment of inter-block welding in shipbuilding by modeling both the robot and its working environment. Through the simulation, whether a planned weaving trajectory can be applicable to a welding robot under complicated environment or not can be verified. Besides, such a simulation can provide a prompt reaction for flexible welding process.

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