Large Scale Manufacturing System Integration: Modeling of a Global Component Transportation Logistics Case

R.F. Lu and R. Storch (USA)


Logistics, discrete event simulation, manufacturingsystem, and QUEST.


The need for rapid, reliable, and cost-effective global logistics support in large-scale manufacturing systems is escalating as more remote production sites throughout the world must be integrated by end product manufacturers. Transportation of components and unfinished parts through multiple production sites across several continents has become a practice that must be mastered for many global enterprises. Efficient global component logistics management not only reduces the net product cost, but also speeds up the product-to-market time span. Dynamic control over such a logistics system in an integrated large-scale manufacturing enterprise is an almost never-ending challenge. This paper addresses a global component logistics case study, modeling methods, and various associated theories. Interactions of component logistics in the example system are illustrated in several simulation models. Applicable theories, elements considered in the model, example models of several scenarios, potential benefits, robustness, and the ideal performance quality of the desired system are discussed.

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