Improving Performance-oriented Simulation Models for Communication Networks

K. Wehrle and H. Niedermeyer (Germany)


Modeling, Simulation, Communication Networks, Pro cessing Costs, Level of Detail


Simulation is an important tool for the analysis and design of complex systems. By modeling and simu lating individual processes of a system we can gather information about systems that are intractable to ana lytic approaches. All aspects that can not be neglected regarding the objective of an analysis have to be mod eled. Selecting an appropriate level of detail is crucial. In communication systems the impact of small varia tions in time can be large, e.g. when the decision which packet enters the queue first becomes important. In this paper we focus on studying end-to-end delays in communication networks over intermediate routers. To study quality of service mechanisms a pre cise model is important. Our experiments indicate that when we do not model the time needed for the internal processing of a packet and especially its varia tion the simulated values can extremely differ from the values in the real system. Thus, an adequate adapta tion of the models is necessary.

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