Holonic Manufacturing System for Production of Different Sophisticated Surfaces

I. Dudas, G. Varga, and K. Banyai (Hungary)


Intelligent Manufacturing System, Holonic Manufacturing, Sophisticated Surface Pairs


The paper deals with how the holonic manufacturing systems can be applied for production of sophisticated surface pairs. We elaborated the production system suitable for production of sophisticated surface pairs (conical or cylindrical driving pairs). A central computer inspects the production system. One of the main tasks is done by the thread grinding controlling holon which contains not only the thread grinding machine but an intelligent measuring unit as well. The thread grinding machine is supplied with CNC grinding wheel truing equipment and controlling unit. The intelligent measuring unit by a CCD camera inspects the profile of the grinding wheel, which is used for final finishing machining of the product to be produced. This serves the data for operation of CNC grinding wheel-truing equipment as well. The other main part of the production system is the computer aided 3D measuring machine, which is used for checking the dimensions of the produced products. The physical assembly of the system is under construction.

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