Application of Process Synthesis in Industrial Waste Water

M. Alahmad (Saudi Arabia)


Water reuse, Wastewater treatment, Flowsheeting, Process selection


The shortage of water in the Arabian Gulf countries with limited and high cost of water sources make the full recycling of wastewater an attractive alternative. Many wastewater treatment processes are available but most of them are applied to certain application and certain waste. No general strategy of treatment appeared in literature of wastewater. Flowsheeting is widely used in petrochemical industries for process synthesis and selection through economic analysis of various processes with the help of computer programs. This flowsheeting approach is applied in the present work to achieve the suitable treatment strategy for any wastewater influent "either industrial or domestic" not only for its disposal but also to produce useful water qualities for better utilization and reuse. A computer program was developed to achieve this target. Various application runs were conducted with the developed program and useful water products like agricultural water, potable water and boiler water were obtained from wastewater influents.

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