Immune Algorithms for the Cooperative Traders’ Periodic Market Problems

T.-C. Chen and T.-C. Hsu (Taiwan)


Cooperative strategy, Periodic marketing problem, Immune algorithms,


This study considers the traders' cooperative strategy of periodic marketing problem in which both the spatial (where) and temporal (when) dimensions are to be decided simultaneously so as to maximize two traders' total payoff during trading based on the itinerary. In our limited knowledge, the problem are studied very few in the literature for the past decade, usually only the single trader's problems were studied. For the multiple traders' periodic marketing problems, the difficulties encountered in the problem include: the spatial behavior of the individual consumers is uncertain, customers may from other neighboring sites based on the distance, the demand of a product is needed based on a specific time period, not all the market places need to be stayed and the same market place can be visited more than once. In this paper, an immune algorithm is applied for solving such nonlinear periodic marketing problem. Numerical examples indicate that the proposed approach can efficiently and effectively search over promising solution regions to exhibit the superior performance of the proposed methodology for finding the optimal or near optimal itinerant strategy during the specified planning horizon.

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