One-Step-Ahead Control of Waveform and Detection Threshold for Optimal Target Tracking in Clutter

H.-S. Shin and S.-M. Hong (Korea)


Optimal waveform selection, Tracking in clutter


In this paper, we consider one-step-ahead control of wave form parameters (pulse amplitudes and lengths, and FM sweep rates) as well as detection thresholds for optimal range and range-rate tracking in clutter. The optimal con trol of the combined parameter set minimizes a tracking performance index under a set of parameter constraints. The performance index includes the probability of track loss and a function of estimation error covariances. The track loss probability and the error covariances are pre dicted using a hybrid conditional average algorithm. The effect of the false alarms and clutter interference is taken into account in the prediction. Tracking performance of the one-step-ahead control is presented for several exam ples and compared with a control strategy heuristically de rived from a finite horizon optimization.

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