CEINT Internship Program: Win/Win/Win

D.C. Pheanis (USA)


Capstone and design experiences, bestpractices and case studies, curriculum design and development, paid industrial internships.


Arizona State University, Intel, and Motorola have formed CEINT, the Consortium for Embedded and Inter Networking Technologies. CEINT sponsors paid intern ships for students in Computer Science and Engineering. A student earns three credit hours per term for an intern ship, and a student can continue an internship for as long as three terms. An intern works 20 hours per week during the spring or fall semester, and 40 hours per week during the summer term. The internships are not just part-time jobs -- each student participates as a member of a profes sional engineering development team. Each student has an industrial mentor and a faculty mentor. At the end of the term, every student submits a final written report and makes a final oral presentation. In the spring semester of 2004, we had formal presentations from 28 interns. We organized the presentations as a one-day conference, and more than one hundred people attended the talks.

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