Effective Internet Education

B.L. Kurtz, D. Parks, and M. O'Neal (USA)


Distance Education, Virtual Learning Environment


This paper is a final report on the project "Effective Internet Education for Everyone," funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE 9950948 and 0196118) for $300,000. We developed an asynchronous model of Internet-based education that intersperses short video clips with more interactive segments, e.g., questions that the online student answers and activities that the online student completes before continuing. In the videos, the instructor talks directly to four students seated in front of her (the virtual classmates), but she turns periodically to the camera and talks to the online student. Developing online courses using this model was very labor-intensive and required the development of tools to make the job easier. In a previous paper [4], we described the prototype of our production toolkit. This paper completes the description of "Presentation Builder". We also include results from using material created with Presentation Builder for the course "Overview of Computer Science," sometimes called CS0, and results of an experiment in reusing the virtual classmate materials with a different instructor.

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