Practice of International Distance Learning using DVTS between Three Points of Japan and Korea

T. Fujiki, Y. Morita, B. Jun (Japan), S. Lee (Korea), K. Watanabe, T. Shimokawa, D. Yagyu,


: distance learning, three points connection, DVTS, gigabit network, translation chat, Web-GIS


In this paper, according to use DVTS(Digital Video Transport System) international distance exchange and learning were practiced between three points of Japan and Korea. DV(Digital Video) movie with the DVTS was transmitted through some networks between Japan and Korea. Then class works were performed by three venues, two middle schools and a university. A class content was also picked up environment learning about electric power energy problem. Moreover Web-GIS as learning material and translation chat as substitute blackboard were used. Also questionnaire as subjective evaluation was performed and traffics of networks were measured. Conversation between Korean and Japanese students was performed well by human translator. Consequently, the followings were obtained. We performed international distance learning using advanced videoconferencing system. Then domestic DVTS communication got high quality picture. Students and teachers' evaluation about availability was very high.

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