Common Computer-aided Assessment for University and Industry?

K. Ala-Mutka and T. Mikkonen (Finland)


computer-aided assessment, cooperation between univer sity and industry, university education, software quality


Cooperation between industry and university is generally considered beneficial for developing university education. Especially in the field of software engineering, it is impor tant for the university to receive information from actual software projects to consider the development needs for the course curriculum. However, important information is also delivered to the other direction. Industry partners receive knowledge on the latest research and can use it to improve their production processes. We have concretized this in formation delivery with an automatic assessment tool for evaluating program coding conventions. Although the tool was originally developed for educational purposes, similar quality assurance principles apply also to industrial soft ware projects. An enhanced version of the tool was devel oped and found useful in industrial practice. The enhance ments also brought new possibilities to the educational us age of the tool. We suggest that soundly based automatic assessment provides effective means for this kind of coop eration and information transfer.

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