OnlineEducator 2.0: A Complete IT-Platform to Create, Administer, Analyze, and Transmit Online Exams

G.N. Reddy, M. Jain, P. Ginna, and S. Baddam (USA)


OnlineEducator, online exams, web-education, server side programming, perl-scripts, and vb-scripts.


In this paper a comprehensive IT-software package, called "OnlineEducator", is presented. It is a tool to create and administer exams online. It is used to: 1. Create exam question banks; 2. Prepare tests to deploy on the Internet; 3. Administer and evaluate exams online to any number of students concurrently; 4. Analyze student responses to rank questions for their degree of difficulty and rank each student for their performance and then create test statistics; and finally 5. Email test-scores with test statistics. The front-end of the package is developed in Visual Basic 6.0; question-banks are stored into a user-transparent Access database. It is deployed onto the Internet using a combination of a server, a command line perl interpreter, and a set of perl-script files. Software runs on personal computers. Exam can be administered from any computer with a server and a perl-interpreter. This package is used for nearly year and half in eight different courses involving over 250 students. We found it to be error free. It enables to create exams that are of an order-of magnitude complex with in-depth coverage of the topics - a valuable tool for educators. Interested readers may obtain the software from the author's website.

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