Quality of Learning Guaranteed E-Learning System

H.-I. Liu, M.-N. Yang, and C.-M. Huang (Taiwan)


: E-Learning, quality of learning, adaptive.


Although e-learning cannot completely substitute for the traditional learning approach, it is superior in its independence, convenience, adaptation and personalization. A new metric QoL (Quality of Learning) is recommended for e-learning systems to evaluate the learning process. This paper proposes an Adaptive & Personalized e-Learning System (APeLS) that provides dynamic learning content and an adaptive learning process for learners to enhance the quality of learning. According to feedback from the learner, the proposed APeLS is capable of self-adjusting and self-reorganizing the learning components and paths to adapt to each user's learning interest, ability and behaviour. This adaptation and reconfiguration are produced according to the user's QoL and a dynamic referred ideal learn curve. To provide guaranteed QoL, the proposed APeLS attempts to revise each user's learning curve to match the referred ideal learning curve. A prototype system is implemented and the collected results are excellent.

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