Developing a Computer-assisted Instruction Assessment Planning Tool for Student Affairs Professionals

S.S. Bienert and W.M. Rose (USA)


Computer-Assisted Instruction, Authoring, Authorware, Student Affairs, Assessment, and Instructional Systems.


The technology revolution has brought about changes in the way we teach and learn. Whether through the World Wide-Web or through exercises on one's personal computer, knowledge can be obtained at a click of a button. This expanding resource has led to the development of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and changed the way teaching and learning takes place. This paper focuses on the design of a CAI tool created to enrich the educational experience of professionals and practitioners on the processes involved in the practice of student affairs assessment. It describes the creation of the Assessment Planning Tool (APT), developed in Authorware, and a quantitative study of 94 academic administrators, professionals, and practitioners who utilized the APT. The findings underscore the importance of using CAI to improve learning and provide evidence of a more satisfied student with the overall learning experience itself.

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