SimulWeb: An Authoring-Tool based on the ESP-W Model

C.J.G. Brigas and M.J.P. Marcelino (Portugal)


Authoring-tools, Web-based Simulation, e-Learning.


The potentialities of the Internet and of other areas have allowed developing new knowledge transmission, diffusion and consolidation mechanisms. This had implications in many areas of human activity including Education. An example is the use of simulation applications in the Internet. However, due to the difficulties, complexity and specificities of many Web simulations, teachers and students have not adhered much to using this type of applications. Taking into account both the characteristics and capacities of the Web and of Simulation, we developed a model, the ESP-W model, that gives rules, orientations and requirements to support the author or the teacher in the development of Modeling and Simulation activities for the Web. In this paper we describe its main features and present a prototype of an authoring-tool that allows creating this kind of Web products and activities.

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