TEIA – A Web Learning Environment based on Agents

K. Nunes da Conceição and M. Thiry (Brazil)


Distance Learning, Cognition, Agents, Internet.


This article describes the environment TEIA Learning Technology with Applied Intelligence. The TEIA system was developed to be a prototype of an educational environment supported by intelligent agents as part of a master degree in the Production Engineering Graduate Program (UFSCBrazil). It will be presented an initial pedagogical basement with a focus on cognitive learning. Furthermore, the Artificial Intelligence area will be briefly discussed once it offers the techniques to support the system. Besides allowing the enrollment of several courses in different areas, the TEIA presents several functionalities, such as Forum, Chats rooms, Library etc. Some of these items are provided of intelligence, as in Chat rooms case, that shows a virtual tutor among other items in this style, with the objective the defense that is viable the existence of an intelligent interactive environment that helps the education nowadays.

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