cRemote e-Learning System for Schools

K.-P. Mark, S.-L. Hung, and W. Tsang (PRC)


E-learning, network, remote administration


Experience from the management of distributed computer-based learning resources in schools has been proven to be inefficient and costly. Though commercial software packages are available, they are either too complex or too expensive for educational purposes. Most schools have neither the budget nor the expertise to make effective use of these packages for e-learning purposes. In particular, schools equipped with multiple small-scaled e-learning centers are hampered by the lack of specially designed integrated remote administration software to assist teachers/technical staff in the management of the distributed e-learning activities. A shareware-based integrated remote administration system designed with that specific purpose has been developed. Its functions include: the monitoring of student activities, tutor-student interaction, tutor demonstration and class control. The main advantages of the system are the ease of use (no special computing skill is required for installation and maintenance) and low cost.

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