Using a Data Modeling Tool in an Introduction to Databases Course

S.B. Dolins, P. Rana, A. Poddar, N. Gupta, and A. Patton (USA)


Technology Based Education: Best Practices


Corporations frequently use database tools during software development projects. There are a variety of tools used for different purposes: data modeling, extract, transform, and load, report generation, and data analysis. Undergraduate students are typically not exposed to database tools, except SQL and a command line interface to a database management system (DBMS), during their inttroduction to databases course. In corporations, most database design activities are performed using a modeling tool. Thus, students find themselves ill-prepared for their initial job experience using databases, whether they are database designers or developers who need to understand data models represented by a modeling tool. At Bradley University, we introduce our students to a data modeling tool during their first database course. Students learn how to use a practical database development tool and also become better data modelers. This paper describes a method to teach students how to use a data modeling in an introductory database course and an example of how students applied this tool to a class project.

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