New Tools in Education

M. Wang, G.C. Fox, and S. Pallickara (USA)


Collaborative PowerPoint, Web Service, Distance Education.


In this paper we introduce our new software tools collaborative PowerPoint applications using Instant Message and Meta data as a Web Service which are suitable in the usage of virtual education. The message-based collaborative PowerPoint applications make it efficient in long distance learning and education. We use the error-tolerant NaradaBrokering messaging service as the message environment to communicate messages during the process, which makes it more reliable. By using Instant Message and Metadata as a Web Service, we further improve the message communications and modularity. The Metadata from the presentations can be generated dynamically during the sessions, be saved and reflected in the schedules or lectures' list on a session server; this makes it possible for rendering presentations asynchronously as well as synchronously, thus can be used in On-demand education, too.

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