Development of E-Learning System using Mathematical Knowledge Database for Remedial Study

H. Komatsugawa (Japan)


e-learning, WBT, remedial education, mathematics,physics


We have been experimentally developing an e-learning system for remedial courses of science in higher education over last four years. In this project, we have improved several functions of the LMS and included more than 3000 contents pertaining to mathematics and physics, for practical use in educational institutions. In the present research, we have rearranged this contents in a knowledge database to promote knowledge acquisition in the remedial learning process. This database has been designed to classify the educational resources of the e learning system such as materials, exercises and tests used in remedial training. The e-learning system has also been improved so that learners using an exercise for training can refer to the appropriate materials provided through the knowledge database. The implemented system has been examined in the case study, using an actual remedial course of a university and its effectiveness has been evaluated.

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