Using Technology to Teach Technology – Creating a Powerful Learning Environment

F.E. Akaiwa, B.Z. Littlefield, J.A. Skocilich, and K.A. Johnson (USA)


Blended Learning, Web-based instruction, AutomatedGrading


Students at the School of Business are required to take two introductory technology courses. These courses are formally thought of as a technology foundation. This technology foundation is based upon pedagogy of problem solving that builds in complexity while reducing structure. These courses have a combined enrollment of over 2,000 students per semester. One key issue in managing large courses is maintaining quality and consistency across all sections. Staff members of these courses have developed a dynamic web-based course infrastructure and an automated grading system to help with this problem. In conjunction with other components of the course, these automated systems reduce the burden of student evaluation placed on instructors and improve consistency.

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