Composing Frameworks to Achieve an E-Learning Framework

S.W.M. Siqueira (Brazil), M.H.L.B. Braz (Portugal), and R.N. Melo (Brazil)


Advanced Technology in Education and Training;Research on Advanced Technology in Education;Architectures of Innovative Software and HardwareSystems for Education and Training; FrameworkComposi


E-learning has increased on importance as people realize that the use of technology can improve learning. Consequently, new e-learning environments have been proposed and developed. However, in general they are oriented to address a specific e-learning functionality and, in most of the cases, they are not developed to interoperate with other e-learning tools or environments. This fact hinders the assemblage of existing e-learning services and components in a fully functional tailored e learning environment. The work described in this paper proposes a general architecture for e-learning environments defined in terms of software components. The goal of this proposal is to allow the generation of configured, flexible and tailored e-learning systems, through the composition of services, using a minimum number of interoperable components.

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