Web-based Learning in Academic Context

E. Faggiano, A. Grasso, V.L. Plantamura, T. Roselli, and V. Rossano (Italy)


E-learning, Distance Education, Education and TrainingSystem, Web-based Education


In the emerging Information Society the goal of diffusing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills in the population is a priority for all governments, and a focus in industry and commerce and the educational system. As a result of the growing pressures to improve the ICT skills of whole populations, within the educational systems of all countries there have been substantial moves to provide PCs and Internet access in schools and universities, and to promote their use in the curricula. Moreover, universities are experimenting with effective methods for developing ICT skills and knowledge in their graduates to make them better fitted for employment, both at the start of their careers and in the longer term. The Italian response to this challenge in the teaching/learning process at university level is represented by the CampusOne project. This work aims to illustrate the experience gained at the University of Bari of setting up e-learning courses imparting the basic information technology skills. Even if the data reported are not yet definitive, since the distance learning and certification activities are still ongoing, preliminary analysis has demonstrated a satisfactory response to this new learning method by the students involved. Full participation in the classroom lessons and frequent access to the on-line teaching material were recorded, and assiduous study yielded good results during the certification phase.

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