Pupils' Using of Multimedia Advance Organizer and Learning Retention

C.-H. Tseng (Taiwan)


Multimedia advance organizers, Mindtools, Learning retention, Computer-assisted Learning and Instruction


This study aimed to evaluate if multimedia advance organizers promoted pupils' learning retention. The computerized organizers were used as a cognitive tool for linking up the prior and new conceptions of mathematics. The system was also used to further advance the efficiency of computer as a Mindtools. Taking equivalence-fraction and probability computerized organizers as materials in an exploratory study, the objective was to evaluate the influences of students' learning retention by using computerized advance organizers. In the experiment involving more than 200 pupils, it was founded that the learning retention of the students who used two types of computerized advance organizers were better than those of students who used none. A tendency showed that PowerPoint version was better between these two types of computerized organizers.

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