Streaming Multimedia in Higher Education: The Results of 4-Year National Science Foundation Project

V. Uskov (USA)


Streaming multimedia, higher education, e learning, advantages and pitfalls, perspectives.


The technology revolution sweeping the world today is creating unparalleled opportunities for education and training. One particular area dramatically poised to take advantages of converging broadband technology is streaming media technology. This paper describes the results of 4-year National Science Foundation's (NSF) CCLI project # 0196015 [1,2] on research, design, development, active implementation and utilization of streaming media in advanced online courses in higher education. The summaries of multiple formative and summative surveys of students and faculty of various educational institutions and members of the NSF CCLI project clearly demonstrate a great potential of streaming media in higher education. They also identified pitfalls of streaming media, and students' and faculty's concerns regarding streaming media applications in colleges and universities. The 7-year research in this area and 4-year active utilization of streaming media in everyday teaching enabled author to formulate his predictions on implementation and utilization of streaming media in higher education.

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