Texture Acquisition by a Robot-Arm Camera Creation of an Image-based Virtual Studio for Dolly Shots

Y. Yamanouchi, H. Mitsumine, T. Fukaya, and M. Hayashi (Japan)


virtual studio, robot camera, image-based, and 3D reconstruction


We have been studying a way to acquire high-quality textures in order to create a three-dimensional background in a virtual studio that uses real images. In this study, using the position and direction of a camera determined based on CAD data, we have designed a system that uses a camera mounted on a robot arm to shoot a virtual studio. For the shooting, the range in which the camera can move is specified; the camera moves within this range to shoot images from various positions and directions. By choosing the camera images closest to the CAD's polygon data, the system can acquire textures that appear to be the largest for each polygon. Data from experiments show that, although there are some measurement errors depending on actual camera positions and directions and discrepancies between CAD data and the shooting object, the system as a whole can automatically acquire the high resolution textures for the polygon of CAD data.

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